“Curiosity just gets the better of me and the promise of that elusive special spot and magic scenery pushes me to do some pretty stupid things.”

As a Film Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer I approach weddings with a documentary and editorial fine art style to create honest and timeless images filled with light.
Even though I capture moments both digitally and on film, I am in love with the quality of good old fashioned film especially Medium Format. The authenticity, luminosity, softness, grain and amazing color it produces result in classic and raw images. They will stand the test of time so you can enjoy your memories still years from now.
Intimate and authentic weddings with genuine emotions in amazing scenery are what I live for.  Based in Australia & Austria, I travel the globe to capture the raw beauty of my subjects and their story.

Meet Searle! Hubby | Second shooter | Assistant. He is my rock and the one constant in my life who keeps me grounded.


What she says about him:
– the most relaxed & zen person I have ever met
– keeps calm in a storm
– loves routine
– he makes people laugh and instantly feel comfortable
– lives for cake (even though he is a Personal Trainer)

What he says about her:
– she has got “ants in her pants” & just can’t sit still
– routine is not her “thing”
– full of ideas, a little crazy at times
– very passionate and invested
– complete dog nut (“like a cat lady but with dogs”)