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Where are you located?

Here, there and everywhere! I love to travel and specialise in Destination Weddings, Engagement and Lifestyle Sessions all over the world. Check out the travel section for travel dates and see if I am near you. Get in touch with me as we might just add your destination to our itinerary ;).

I am not comfortable in front of the camera and a little shy, how do you work with couples like us?

There are several methods in my repertoire which will make you feel comfortable and in some cases even forget that I am there. My style is easy going with plenty of direction and I will be there to help with natural non-technical poses, cues and feedback. The best thing is for you not to over think it and remember, its my job to make you look good.

I would recommend a pre-wedding/couple portraiture session before your big day to get comfortable in front of the camera. These sessions are very casual and fun and you get to know the person behind the camera (moi).  You also end up with some lovely images that you can then use for your wedding invites or save the date cards/emails.

What’s your style?

My heart and passion for film photography drives my style. The dynamic range, the colour tones, the creamy skin colour and the rawness of the beautiful grain is what draws me to film photography. Film has stood the test of time over and over again and is a true testament to its unique qualities. My editorial approach to any wedding creates you story as it unfolds including all those lovely details and elements that are special on the day. I am dedicated in finding those magic moments and that amazing light to craft beautiful light filled imagery.  Delivering raw, honest and finely crafted images that you will treasure forever.

How do I pick the right photographer for us?

Style and budget usually are the two things couples end up debating over, usually forgetting all about the most important factor. You need to be comfortable with the person behind the camera no matter what her or his style is.

The photographer is the one person that is with  you from the beginning of the day till the very end, every step along the way. If you are not comfortable with the person it doesn't just show in the images, but will also affect your wedding day.  Budget is a big factor. However, out of experience you get what you pay for. Film Photography (especially medium format) comes with a price tag but it is worth it! The Venue, the gown, the beautiful flowers the amazing food, all these carefully planned elements are going to fade and more often then not are not really appreciated till the time you see your images as the day is just over very quickly. Photography will be the only thing after the day that will allow you to relive your wedding day and all those wonderful memories, and more often then not appreciate all those lovely details and moments which you might have not even noticed on the day.

Would you cover elopements as well?

Searle and I have eloped ourselves in 2007. The only thing I would do differently is that I would hire a photographer. We have in total 5 images done by a family friend with a little point and shoot camera and that is the only thing left of the day.

At the time I didn't find it necessary as it was only a small ceremony and a few people, but the surroundings were amazing being on top of sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean. The images could have been so simple and breathtaking.For anyone thinking of eloping, I think its a wonderful way of celebrating the day with just the closest family and friends. It is becoming more popular and definitely more stylish. Don't make the mistake I made. Do yourself a favour and hire a photographer for a few hours. Just get in touch and we can custom the pricing to your needs.

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