about film

Photography is arguably the most contradictory art form. It can be objective but also intensely emotional. It’s immediate but not really complete until it's been processed or edited. It claims to capture reality but in fact only captures a version of it. And caught at the center of this whirling identity crisis are two distinctly different mediums:
digital and analog.

The ability to shoot thousands of images on one card and shoot as much as you want without no direct costs can make it easy to overshoot, be carless and less thought going into each shot. Of most of those images only a few make the final cut and its very easy to overlook images in a sea of thousands.

Working with film requires a disciplined, considered approach. Decisions are being made without the camera, the image being crafted within the camera with the right settings before actually taking the picture. There is something a little more mindful and deliberate about film. The serendipity of a moment that cannot be erased and the separation of the editing process demands a more thoughtful method. Truly being present when it counts instead of checking the back of the camera to ensure settings are right.

The aesthetic of film photography is different to its digital sister. The unexpected color palette, the grain and dynamic range on offer all give personality and delicate nuance to the finished result. Film produces creamy whites and grain which channels memory and nostalgia that can be found in those carefully crafted Fine Art Images.

photographers thoughts

Comparing Film with Digital is not as easy and there is so much to consider as each medium is totally different. I tend to use both mediums for weddings to ensure in situations such as really low light where film isn’t ideal, I still capture the best quality image with my digital camera. Personally I love film photography and a film photograph is unrivalled. I choose film as it makes me mindful of every moment and lets me craft beautiful fine art images of your wedding.

the process

- Photos are taken with the highest quality film and cameras

- Film rolls are then sent to Richard Photo Lab (industry leading professional photo lab) for development. We send our film to them, as we want the best from our negatives.

- Film negatives are then being scanned with a high quality scanner by the lab to create high resolution digital files

- Once I receive the files, I adjust images slightly if needed

- Finally digital files are delivered to the client

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